Nancy Luciano

Research Department

Ms. Luciano manages research, which is necessary to support the team of appraisal experts who are providing our clients with top quality appraisal solutions to their valuation problems.  That research includes producing accurate tax maps, flood maps, wetlands maps, tidelands maps, and other maps that accurately depict the physical real estate.  In addition, the department analyzes area data to provide our team with the physical, social, environmental, and governmental influences that affect valuation of real estate.


Ms. Luciano has successfully completed professional real estate courses from the Renwick and Associates School of Real Estate Appraisal including Basic Principles of Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Appraisal Procedures, Uniform Standards of Real Estate Appraisal Practice, and the Narrative Real Estate Appraisal Report Writing Course.  In addition, she has completed 30 credits from the State University at Buffalo, New York.


Ms. Luciano has the requisite number of experience hours required for the State of New Jersey certification for mass appraisal residential inspections.  She currently holds a Real Estate Sales License with the State of New Jersey.


Since 1998, Ms. Luciano has volunteered as a musician for her local church.


Ms. Luciano has performed residential inspections in several municipalities in which the company has performed revaluations and re-assessments and has participated in the valuation of numerous properties.  She has also conducted informal taxpayer review interviews following the mailing of the new assessments. Ms. Luciano has assisted with numerous mass appraisal projects including inspection and valuation duties of residential, industrial, and commercial properties including single-family residences, apartment complexes, gas stations, office buildings, and industrial warehouses.