Renwick & Associates

Our goal is to find value for you in the financial & real estate decisions you make.

The value of a home, a business, or a community’s assets is driven by a complex combination of factors.  Market price can fluctuate based on a number of conditions that experts in the field analyze and understand.

Since 1973, Renwick and Associates has been a reliable resource for private and public sector clients seeking real estate and business valuation, market analysis, economic development, financial analysis, and cost/benefit analysis. In addition, we offer a host of related services that locate, identify, and assess the value of tangible and intangible assets.

Why Renwick & Associates?

The quality of our work is evident in the number of our associates who have testified as expert witnesses to the benefit of our clients.  Our ability to consistently support and defend our value estimates provides our clients with measurable economic benefits.

Whatever your valuation-related need, Renwick and Associates can provide the solution.